“For thousands of years all over the world people have sung – to express joy, celebration and grief, to accompany work and devotion, to aid healing – without worrying about having a ‘good’ voice or ‘getting it right’. Song has been a part of life, a way of binding the community together. Singing and singing together is natural and open to all” Natural Voice Network.



SHERINGHAM SINGING GROUP – IN VOCAL MODE co-led by Linda Roast & Jane Wells.    

Tuesdays from 7pm
Friends Meeting House, Cremer Street, Sheringham.
Songs from a mix of traditions taught ‘by ear’ – no need to read music.

Autumn 2022 dates are now fixed as: 13th Sept – 18th October (with Linda). 1st Nov – 6th Dec (with Jane).



An over 10 year association as co-music director and then guest director with Castleacre’s BIG HEART AND SOUL CHOIR in Norfolk led to Jane making this video during covid lockdown (the singing here is directed by Linda Roast – visit

Since the choir started meeting again after COVID, Jane has returned to working with the Big Heart & Soul choir as a guest director and will co-direct the forthcoming summer concert with the choir’s current musical director, Linda Roast. The 2024 summer concert will take place in St Peter and St Paul Chruch in Swaffham on Saturday 20th July 7.30pm (£10 including a finger buffet, wine and refreshments)


A more than 10 year involvement as a voice coach for the Norfolk organisation, SING YOUR HEART OUT (singing in support of mental health), resulted in some singalong videos being commissioned from and produced by the coaches for the organisation’s website.  These were used by regular participants during the first covid lockdown.  The videos were fun to produce! Banaha is a song from southern Congo and its meaning in translation is: “At the foot of the pineapple tree Yaku ladles a banana into his aunt’s red hat” (Another accompanying video helped with learning the tunes but this one on its own gives the idea)