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Jane Wells has over 30 years practical experience of leading group music-making projects since her interest was sparked through postgraduate level research around ‘creative music-making for adults outside formal education’. Since then she has worked as a music specialist workshop leader with people of many ages and abilities, a teacher in adult education, and as a mentor, action-researcher, trainer and project manager.

She studied music initially at the Junior Department of the Royal College of Music before spending five years as a student in full-time university music education (Durham – Sussex – Southampton). Part-time study since then has included City and Guilds Diplomas in Teaching Adults, an Open College Network NVQ on Reminiscence with Frail Elderly, and participation in short courses about music making with adults with learning disabilities.

She worked in London from 1978-87 where, alongside composing music for concerts and with dance, she taught in adult education and started to build her experience in leading creative music-making sessions for children, in particular for Battersea Arts Centre (under Jude Kelly’s direction) and Gemini music ensemble (with Peter Wiegold).

She moved to Norfolk in 1987 when she was appointed composer/musician-in-residence at a small arts centre on the North Norfolk coast supported financially by the Arts Council and the County Education Authority. This three year residency evolved into the independent community music organisation, Norfolk Music Works, for which she was the central part-time project worker until 1994.

From January 1995 to March 1998 she was contracted as the County Music Worker for Lincolnshire and this work led to the establishment of the ongoing music agency for the County, Soundlincs: ‘the three year programme was well received, with Jane Wells’ excellent communication skills and musical ability being the key to this success’ (from ‘SOUND impact, A study of soundLINCS first ten years’). During this time she was also a PRS Composer-in-Education as well as collaborating with many organisations on a multitude of projects.

Since 1998 she has been based back in Norfolk where she has continued to work free-lance as a hands-on practitioner but also as mentor, trainer and project manager.

Since 1978 Jane Wells has led workshops for both short and long term projects with organisations and artists that include:

Ashville House Residential Home (Norfolk) - Battersea Arts Centre (London) - Big Heart & Soul Choir (Norfolk) - Britten Sinfonia (Cambridgeshire) - Cambridgeshire Music Service - City of London Sinfonia - Creative Partnerships (Norfolk and Lincolnshire) - Firebird Trust (East Midlands) – Gemini (London) - Goldsmiths College Department of Continuing Education (London) - Holt Day Services (Norfolk) – Hugh Lupton (East Anglia) - Ivo Centre (COPD) Spalding - King’s Lynn Day Services - King’s Lynn Festival - Lincolnshire County Council - London Mozart Players (Nottinghamshire) - Ludus Dance Company (Lancashire) - More Music in Morecombe (Lancashire) – Morley College of Adult Education (London) - Norfolk County Youth Service - Norfolk Music Works - Norwich Arts Centre - Norwich Castle Museum – Nutmeg Puppets (East Anglia) -Peterborough Festival – REACH (Cambridgeshire) - Rosemary Lee (Shropshire and Norfolk) - SingUp (Lincolnshire) - SoundLINCS (Lincolnshire) - Squeaky Gate - Rambert Academy (London) - The Place (London) - Sing Your Heart Out (Norfolk) - Singers Inspired (Norfolk) - Vital Communities (Cambridgeshire) – East of England Orchestra now VIVA (Derbyshire) - Voices Unplugged Singing Group (Lincolnshire) – WEA - Wells Arts Centre (Norfolk) and Wider Opportunities (Norfolk and the Midlands).