Singing - Voices Plus

“For thousands of years all over the world people have sung – to express joy, celebration and grief, to accompany work and devotion, to aid healing – without worrying about having a ‘good’ voice or ‘getting it right’. Song has been a part of life, a way of binding the community together. Singing and singing together is natural and open to all”.

Natural Voice Practitioners Network

Jane has created a series of singing workshop days where many of the songs that are taught work well in combination with a particular instrument. The songs will range across a number of styles and will sometimes include a short song by herself to suit the occasion. The singers arrive in the morning and learn parts of the songs which they can then enjoy completing with the visiting instrumentalist in the afternoon. A step beyond the unaccompanied voice, hence Voices Plus.

So far Voices PLUS days have taken place in Lincolnshire and Norfolk (June and October 2011) with trombonist, Richard Hall; and in Norfolk April 2012 with Derek Paice/percussionist; February 2013 with a 'cellist; October 2013 on a jazz and gospel theme with saxophonist, Chris Balch; and June 2014 with violinist Sarah O'Neill on a folk theme. See more info amongst past news items, home page. 

These workshop days are available to groups and promoters where travel can take place within the same day as the workshop, so in and near Norfolk. A fee will be quoted on request.