Performances - Saxophones

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Jane performs her own electro-acoustic compositions for solo saxophones.

The most recently composed of these pieces, Air Field, was commissioned for outdoor performance on Seething Air Field in Norfolk in 2005 where she gave performances on two evenings as part of a multi-art form event. Lasting around 18 minutes, the music evokes the spirit of the space inhabited during the second world war by planes and airmen. The piece is scored for alto doubling soprano saxophone, electronic ‘effects’ and recorded sound playback. Whilst the piece was particularly evocative in this outdoor space, she performed it subsequently indoors during the 2007 Halesworth Festival in Suffolk – see "Performances-On The Edge Ensemble" Further performances at both in and outdoor venues remain viable.

Ultramarine, her 6 minute piece for alto saxophone and electronic ’effects’, has been performed frequently since its composition in 1991 as part of various concerts AND educational projects. It can be played through a modest stereo sound system in small to medium sized venues and features a repetitive electronic ‘echo’ bouncing between speakers. The piece was recorded by virtuoso saxophonist, Richard Addison, playing with the Composers Ensemble for Jane’s Occasional Music CD – see "Shop-CDs"

Choose Me, from 2003, features approximate quarter-tone tunings and can be played either by two soprano saxophonists or in a version for 1 soprano saxophonist alongside recorded playback. Jane performed the latter version at The Loft, a venue in north London. A recording of the former version is available on a promotional CD. The piece lasts around 8 minutes. Jane has frequently introduced children involved in workshops to the soprano saxophone by playing the opening section of this piece

On July 20th 2011 Jane will play Ultramarine as part of Big Heart and Soul Choir’s concert in the King’s Lynn Festival.

The promotional CD mentioned above is free on request along with costings for performances.