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Occasional Music/Composers Ensemble Ultramarine/People and Places/One To Another/Wherever Next/Monday’s Child


Metier MSV CD92043. Mid-length CD, duration 38’, released in 2000.

£6 including p&p directly from this website

TEMPO magazine ‘record reviews’ April 2001:

If Zechlin’s music has a certain popular appeal by virtue of its religious connexions, then so too does that of the English composer Jane Wells in a secular context. A former pupil of Lumsdaine and Harvey, Wells has since the late 1980s been involved in a variety of youth music projects and initiatives in Norfolk and Lincolnshire, and several of the pieces on the ‘Occasional Music’ album (at 38 minutes long and mid-price a species of extended CD single) derive from these works, such as the engaging saxophone solo Ultramarine (1991) and duo Wherever Next (1988) from short dance pieces. Consequently, there is a directness of utterance here that is disarming, almost ingénue. Take the catch-as-catch-can of Wherever Next, a three-and-a-half minute whizz round the tonal spectrum from C to C, or the longest work, Monday’s Child (1998, based on her 1988 setting of the famous children’s rhyme): an atmosphere fantasia built from a tune sounding now like a close cousin of Daniel Jones’s incidental songs to ‘Under Milkwood’. Yet the shorter One To Another (1992) is an entirely different proposition, a splendid miniature cantata for voice, 2 clarinets, viola, cello and double-bass. Perhaps Wells’s stature can best be summarized from the flute trio People and Places (1995), written for the East of England orchestra’s education programme: not great music, perhaps, but well conceived and effective enough in its own rather important context. Fine performances from the Composers Ensemble and Mary Wiegold, as one would expect, in a natural sounding acoustic (Bell Studios, Acton).”



Music by Three Composers/Promotional CD

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EAC-CD001 2005, not for sale, use 'contact' to request from this website

Includes 2 new recordings of music by Jane Wells: Choose Me for 2 soprano saxophones (7'21") and Air Kissing Episode 2, The Party with words by George Szirtes (7'41").  Also included are the first two movements of People and Places (7'37") from the Metier CD.  Three tracks of music by each of Elis Pehkonen and Christopher Wright, both also resident in East Anglia, make this a full length CD of 71'15".


Pied Piper - a celebration of the life and work of David Munrow  



Recorded and released in 2009 on the Campion Cameo label - CAMEO 2082. Available through good record shops, or direct from this site for £10 including p&p.

Includes a recent composition by Jane Wells - Time Song for counter-tenor, recorder and 'cello (8'15").

Part of a medieval and recent music compilation along with music by Dunstable, Fronciacio, Arnoldus de Lantins, Selesses, John Casken, Gordon Crosse, John Joubert, Elis Pehkonen and Christopher Wright.  The performers are Lesley-Jane Rogers & Nicholas Clapton (voices), John Turner (recorders), Jonathan Price ('cello) and Michael Harper (percussion).



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